Who we are and What we do?

Founded in 2017, MyapkReview is the world’s largest Android and iOS website, featuring Android and iOS hardware and app reviews, news and much more. We’re a team of over 5 editors who live and breathe Android. We publish local versions of the MyapkReview website for readers in the US, UK, India and much more.

Whether it’s rumored about exciting new products, in-depth reviews of the latest and greatest Android phones, tablets and other devices, recommendations of the best apps to download today or tips to help you get more from Android, you’ll find it all on MyapkReview.com.

Our website has been designed to be easy to read and navigate on any screen size, from phone to tablet to PC monitor. And to make sure you’re always in the know about the best new apps and hardware as well as receiving the hottest rumors, tips, and tricks straight to your inbox, be sure to sign up for our free newsletter from the homepage. Soon our company is going to launch the Android as well as the iOS app.

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Our Approach

We have a simple mission, which is to help you improve and enjoy your life more with Android and iOS. This means that we’re dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on the best new hardware and apps. Helping you to choose the right stuff for your needs. And once you’ve downloaded an app or bought an Android device we’ll help you get the best from it with essential tips and advice.

Meet the Team


Founder & CEO

Karan discovered his passion for Android while looking for a replacement. He found it in the shape of his first Smartphone i.e., Motorola G3. At MyapkReview, he is responsible for the user’s well-being and helps in making The forum, Social Media and blog run smoothly. In his free time, he bakes pizza, goes to the movies, plays basketball and tests new gadgets. He is completely a true Android Lover and iOS APPs. He is writing articles and has a deep-seated interest in technology. Degree in Web Design and Relationship Marketing. Karan is in love with Android devices and a good cup of coffee!



About USVice President & CFO

Jitendra is working for MyapkReview as a Market analyst as well as SEO analyst. Passionate about new tech and innovation, MyapkReview is the perfect place for him to develop his career. Using an Asus Zenfone 2 for almost two years, Jitendra recently switched for the Oneplus Two. Android has no secret for him: from Ice Cream Sandwich to CyanogenMod 11 to Lineage OS ROM. Jitendra is the big gamer and helps MyapkReview to grow fast.