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{Reviews} AZ Screen Recorder APK Download Free No Root Required


Hey! Guys today we are back with the new APK review for you, i.e., AZ Screen Recorder APK. The AZ Screen Recorder APP is the best app to record your screen. The screen recorder a does not require any root access. No time limit required, no watermark added for the created video as well as no ad display. Hence, it’s easy to use with a start and stop recording options. You can download screen recorder for Android as well. The AZ screen recorder premium version is also available for the users. It lets you record your screen to HD and Full HD videos. It is only screencast app in the Android market. You can also download screen recorder for PC also. Also, you can get screen recorder for android free download it from Android Market.

AZ Screen Recorder APK 1

Download – AZ Screen Recorder APP

You can also record the audio with the mic of your smartphone, and it will automatically be muxed in the video. You can also download AZ Screen Recorder Pro. Create tutorials, promotional videos, and also comment on the game and gameplay. Share your videos with millions of new people by just recording. The floating window always staying on top will let you snap at the exact moment. Enable screen touches in the settings option this will help people that what are you doing. Hence, it helps you to create more user-friendly videos. Additionally, you can download the screen recorder for PC. The best desktop recorder for you to capture desktop screen more quickly.

AZ Screen Recorder APK 2

Download – AZ Screen Recorder for iPhone


Some of the additional features like video resolution, bitrate, screen orientation, customized timer to stop, view/share or delete your recorded videos. You can also get the AZ Screen Recorder Pro, but you have to buy it for more unique and cool features.

AZ Screen Recorder APK 3

  • CURSOR OPTIONS – The cursor option in screen recorder helps the user to know that what you are exactly doing in the video. Enable the option of Follow the Cursor and Record the Cursor.
  • COMPACT VIDEOSAZ Screen Recorder APK helps you to trim your videos easily and remove some unnecessary parts of the videos. AZ Screen Recorder APP makes your videos pretty impressive.

AZ Screen Recorder APK 4

  • DRAW ON SCREEN – The unique feature helps you a lot when you are making tutorials. Emphasize, draw symbols, mark something which is important.
  • Front Camera – Overlay front camera so that you can get your face and your emotions in the videos. Customize to any size and opacity.
  • USE MAGIC BUTTON – The magic button that controls your recording without showing anything on the screen. Thus your video viewers will solely focus on the app, game or whatever you’re casting. Hence, the magic button is an invisible button that does everything.

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Why use AZ Screen Recorder APK?

AZ Screen Recorder APK 5

The AZ Screen Recorder APP is one of the best screen recorders so far. The screen recorder allows you to capture videos for your viewers free. Trim your videos and remove the unnecessary parts from the video. iPhone screen capture is done as well. So, iOS user can also use the AZ screen recorder. The screen recorder can be used to capture PC screen as well. Use timers, cursor options, magic buttons, and more by using this app. The app is useful for those who make tutorials for viewers. You can make any tutorials as your wish. Add your company logo by drag and drop. The Screen Recorder for Android helps many YouTubers to make tutorials and videos free and unique.

The impressive features like there are no watermark, n o logo, ad-free and there is no limit of time for screen capturing. Just like other apps like Viva Video you will get the logo of the viva video when you edit video with the app. The AZ Screen Recorder Premium version helps you to make more awesome videos. Unlock many things for you guys, and you can edit and add the logo of your company. Hence, when we compare the app with any other screen recorder app, the AZ Screen Recorder is best. You can add gestures, enable the front camera to add face and emotions to the video just like no one can do this for free. Most of you think that the Root is required, but that’s not true you can use this app without rooting.

AZ Screen Recorder APK 6


I would suggest you go with the AZ Screen Recorder APP. Available for Android, screen recorder for PC, screen recorder for ios. All the three platforms are avail by the company. It’s free and the worth it. You can download the AZ Screen Recorder APK from the play store. The most important clarification is when you are recording put the earphone or headphones which have the mic to record. The outside sound is very much disturbing for you guys that it ruin your whole video. Also, you don’t have to worry about the size of the video just go to settings and decrease resolution. The AZ Screen Recorder helps you make impressive videos. The size of the APP is not so big and off course you are not wasting your data by downloading the app so go for it.

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