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Best Online Movie Streaming Apps for Android

Streaming movies online are becoming the best method to use our free time. Entertaining yourself with top movies is the best way to make your mind fresh from the journey of the boring and hectic day. There are a huge number of apps in the market which allow you to stream movies online. You can not only stream movies with the help of these apps, but these apps also allow you to stream different TV Shows, Cartoon Videos, live sports, news and much more. These apps consist of a vast library of movies and TV Shows from where you can select your favorite one to view.

Some of these apps also offer you a feature of downloading and saving the videos on your Android device for future use. For Android users, these apps can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store. With the growth in technology and size, it has become easy to watch online movies on your smartphones. These apps offer you both type of services free as well as paid. The paid apps provide you the best services with the reduced boring stuff and free of ads.  These apps also provide you the services of downloading and saving videos to view them offline. These are the best source of streaming videos online because of the only reason that they are portable and can be easily carried from place to place.

Here we are providing you the Top 9 Movie Streaming Apps for Android.

Best Movie Streaming Android Apps


Showbox Android AppShowbox is the best app to stream movies online on your smartphone. This app allows you to stream a huge number of online movies, TV Shows, reality shows, cartoon videos and much more. It includes a user-friendly interface which makes it compatible with your Android phones and other devices. But, Showbox is not available on Google Play Store.

This movies app also allows you to download the desired content which you can view in future. All you have to do is to go to the official website of the Showbox, tap on the content you want and click on the download option. It also supports HD content, therefore; you can enjoy the movies with high resolution.

Showbox provides you an extensive library of the Movies, TV Shows, Reality shows and much more from where you can choose your desired one without spending a penny.

Cartoon HD

Cartoon HD App for AndroidCartoon HD is a widely popular app designed and developed for modern devices. The application lets its users watch and enjoy their favorite movies on a number of different mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, and PC. It has been quite some time since the app’s launch and with every passing day, it is gaining more and more popularity.

The app lets its users select movies of different genres and watch them online. Cartoon HD doesn’t limit its content to only the new movies but also treats their users by providing old classics as well.


Youtube Android AppYouTube is the largest source of streaming online videos. It contains a large variety of movies in different languages. YouTube also supports HD system, therefore, offers you videos with high resolution. This app enables you to watch a wide variety of movies and TV shows in different languages. It also allows you to view some updated videos, interview clips, and News, etc. The movies or videos are uploaded either by the users or production houses themselves.

YouTube allows you to access a maximum of the movies or videos for free. Only some of the movies charges for small chunks of money. It also allows you to view videos offline. You can download and save videos also for future viewing. YouTube is the best app to browse movies online on your Android device.

YouTube includes a very user-friendly graphical user interface; therefore it can be easily used in different devices like Android phones, iOS devices, PC, etc.


Crackle Android AppCrackle is one of the best Android applications for streaming online movies. It includes a vast library of online videos with the different genre from where you can choose your favorite one. It also allows you to stream movies on a bigger screen to enhance the level of entertainment. It is a fantastic app user-friendly cross friendly interface; therefore, it is easy to navigate. The only drawback of Crackle is that it does not allows you to download and view movie offline.

Crackle can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store. All you have to do is to select the desired movie and click on the play option. Crackle also supports Chromecast feature which enables you to view movies on a larger TV screen. It allows you to watch full-length movies along with TV Shows.

They always try to update free, new content after a particular period. You can see different full-length Hollywood movies, TV shows, new movies, Cast movies, shows, etc., the only thing required is a fast internet connection.


123movies app for android123movies app is an android based application that can help you to live stream movies online, and to download them to your Android devices too. It is a free mobile app that can be easily downloaded from its official website. The app consists of great features, but it is not available on playstore due to the policy violation. According to playstore policies, you are not supposed to install the apps that provide any copyrighted content. 123movies apk is available for PC too, but you need an android emulator for it.

123Movies app is one of the best apps till now since it is low in size one can easily download it, and it works quite smooth as well. The apps don’t contain any irritating ads that improve the user interface pretty well. One can download any movie using it irrespective of any genre or language. According to them, they believe in making this app as one stop destination for all the app users.


Mobdro Android AppMobdro is the latest video app which allows you to stream latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies, TV Shows, Cartoon videos, Animes and Sports coverage for free. You can stream videos in different languages from various sources without any registration.

Mobdro also allows you to watch live streams from freely available web servers without charging a penny. It is a quick and easy way to access different videos with very few restrictions. This app also supports Chromecast feature which enhances your experience of watching movies on a bigger screen. It includes the feature of watching videos offline. You can recommend videos to your friends and also let them know what video you are watching with one click.

It also allows you to manage your streams and filter them according to language or topic. The only disadvantage of this app is that most of the videos it offers do not support HD quality. This app is made to be used in cross platforms like Android devices, iOS devices, PC, etc.


viewster android appViewSter is one of the leading free online movies streaming app. It offers you to access a broad range of movies TV Shows and Anime in different languages on your Android devices. It provides you genuine and original content absolutely for free of cost. The app support Chromecast feature which allows you to watch videos and movies on a larger screen. It is the best streaming site which allows you to download videos to view them offline.

For accessing videos on it, you do not need to sign up or create an account you just have to search for the desired movies and click on play or download option. It includes a very user-friendly interface which makes it easy to navigate.

ViewSter is the best app for the Anime freak persons and contains the largest collection of Anime videos which are updated weekly. It includes more than 20,000 Anime episodes for Anime die-hard friends. The main disadvantage of this application is that it sometimes gets freezes during running.


Hotstar app for android phoneHotStar is the leading entertainment services in India which provides you the extensive collection of movies in different languages. It is a free movies streaming app which allows you to access the videos absolutely for free without needing to sign up for it. The quality of the videos depends upon the strength of internet connection. The application includes the feature of downloading movies to view them offline. It is an unusual feature which offers you to view on-demand movies.

Besides from streaming movies it also allows you to watch live sports. HotStar includes various TV channels which provide you the recorded videos of different TV Shows. It also offers you to download and save videos to watch them offline. HotStar includes a broad range of movies, TV Shows, videos content which can be easily viewed and downloaded. It is the reason why HotStar is also known as a combo of Movie Streaming and TV App. HotStar continues updating its contents after a short interval of time to add new content.

Bigstar Movies

bigstar movies android appBigstar Movies is one of the best and latest movies streaming app for Android. This free video streaming app includes an extensive collection of award winning films in different languages and documentaries. This app does not contain Hollywood movies. This app also includes videos based on comedy drama, animation and education. It also allows you to watch live sports and hence is the best app for sports freak. This app provides you free as well as paid plans for streaming unlimited and ads free movies.

Bigstar Movies app allows you to stream paid movies which will enhance the experience of streaming videos online. Paid plan of this app includes the reduced boring stuff like ads which helps in improving your experience of viewing movies. The app includes the feature of downloading and saving videos to watch them offline. You can easily do searches by just entering the name of the desired movies in the search bar. The movies and videos on this app are arranged according to the name or category for easy access.

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