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{Tricks} Bypass Android Password

How to Bypass Android Password? 

Nowadays pattern lock is a standard security feature in Android phones. Even safer security systems such as face detection, voice unlock, fingerprint scan, etc. You have also arrived in the smartphone market, but still, the pattern lock is the most trusted one. Sometimes unwillingly your pattern lock after several attempts gets locked. You can now reset android password. If your data connection is on then, you can unlock your phone simply by logging in with your e-mail id, but if your data connection is off, then you cannot access the taskbar or settings to turn on your data connection. So what to do in that case? Here we are with the method from which you can easily bypass android password or reset android password with ease and can setup a new password.

Note – The time required to bypass the password is only 5 minutes, and the central part is that none of the data will be lost. It’s fully secured method.

PROCEDURE for Bypass Android Password:

1.) The first and initial step to start this process to install ADB setup and drivers on your PC.

2.) Connect your PC to the internet and open android driver or sync.

3.) Connect your device to your PC and when you are connected sign on the driver’s website and once the process is completed minimize the website.

4.) Open start < Type RUN < Press Enter ( Command Prompt window will open ).

5.) Type “adb” (remove the double quotes ) < Press enter

6.) You will observe multiple commands flashing on the system.

7.) Type “adb shell” (remove the double quotes ) < Press enter

8.) Type “rm/data/system/password.key” (remove the double quotes ) < Press enter

9.) Now, wait until the process completes without interruptions.

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Hence, you have done the process now sit back, and relax. You have successfully bypassed the Android pattern lock, or you have reset Android password. After this, you can only unlock your phone by touching any pattern or any dot on the screen and can create your new password too.

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