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{Detailed} Things You should know about Cortana Digital Personal Assistant

Cortana Digital Personal Assistant

Eager to download and install Cortana Digital Personal Assistant on your Windows Phone. Read this article and get reasons why to install Cortana voice assistant app for Windows Phone. Just follow up with the full reviews and know everything for Cortana. Cortana download – It is a voice assistant application for Windows. Cortana a computer program developed by Microsoft Work as an intelligent personal assistant. However, it works for Windows10 mobile phone as well as Windows8.1. Microsoft Band Xbox one Android and for IOS too. Cortana is personal assistant perform a job of assistant such as set reminders recognize natural voice without any keyboard requirement. And a response to your queries with the help of the information from the Bing search engine.

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On the basis of your software platform and region in which it uses, Cortana is available in different languages. Such as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portugues, Chinese and Japanese.

Microsoft Cortana developed to compete for other assistants such as Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Samsung’s Bixby and Amazon’s Alexa.

Meanwhile, If you want to make multiple accounts of a Single app on your Smartphone without any root. you need to install Parallel Space App on your Smartphones



Microsoft first introduces and prove Cortana first time in Microsoft Build Developer Conference in San Francisco. Although Microsoft launches its key ingredient for Microsoft’s planned “makeover” of the future Operating System for Windows phone and Windows.

Cortana name influence from the video game halo of Microsoft. Franchise originating in Bungie folklore and character’s voice actress with Jen Taylor. Thus, returning to voice personal assistant’s US-specific version.

In 2009 after the Microsoft Speech product team with the presence of Microsoft general manager Zig Serafin and Cheif Scientist Larry Heck. General Manager larry and Serafin built a team with the expertise to create initial prototype Cortana. Hence, establish vision mission for their company and provide a better future of the digital world. The team adapted features of assistant from the interview taken from a number of the person for the profile of personal assistant including assistant “notebook” feature.

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Microsoft announced the release of Cortana Digital Personal Assistant for windows desktop and windows smartphone in January 2015. On May 2015, Microsoft announced that Cortana finally available for other mobile platforms. For Android, the Cortana enduringly released in July. But an Android APK file containing Cortana has leaked ahead of its release. It was officially released for IOS version in December 2015. Cortana would come on Xbox one that was announced by Microsoft during E3 2015.

Services of Cortana Digital Personal Assistant

Cortana has implemented in many Microsoft products such as Microsoft Edge deeply integrated Cortana in the browser. When you are on restaurant site Cortana detect the opening hours of the restaurant. It can also tell the weather information of the address site.In the upcoming product Gig Jam, Microsoft demonstrated Cortana in this product in the WorldWide Partner Conference in 2015. In late April Microsoft announced that Cortana can block anything other the Bing and Edge search.

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• “Windows in the car” concept adopt Cortana for Driver convenient so he can reserve the restaurant while driving the car and can see the place before go there.


• Microsoft plans to integrate Cortana into Skype as a robot to allow users to order food, book trips, transcribe video messages and create calendar appointments.Cortana can underline certain words phrases in your conversation in skype that relate your contact and corporations.


• Cortana includes music recognition service i.e., Cortana’s “Concert Watch” observe bing search to determine that in which band or musicians user were interested in listening.It also involve integrating with the Microsoft Band watch band for Windows Phone if connected via Bluetooth, it can make reminder and phone notifications.

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Now the Lumia Denim mobile series launched in October 2014. The active listening feature permanently added to Cortana and it invoked with the phrase “Hey Cortana”. Though after it can control as usual.

Saves Information

Cortana Digital Personal Assistant store user information such as bank details, interest, location data, reminder and contacts in the “Notebook”. It can also draw and add to the data so can understand user behavior and its pattern. The user can secure their information by applying privacy to the particular information such as bank details and control over it.

Cortana has “Do not Disturb” option also that allow the user to activate it and get free hours from their device. This can control your call services and manage it and do not disturb you at the moment.

Availability of Cortana Digital Personal Assistant

• Cortana is available in the different countries with different languages.

• English is available in United State, United Kingdome, Canada, Australia, India

• German is available for Germany.

• Italian for Italy.

• Spanish is for Spain and Mexico.

• French for France and Canada.

Microsoft Cortana APP for iOS

Microsoft gave its Cortana app for iOS a facelift Friday, replacing its old black and blue aesthetic with a new look that puts the assistant’s key features at users’ fingertips. The app now features Quick Actions, so that users can tap a couple buttons. However, they get Cortana to create an alarm, set a reminder, or tell them a joke. That means users can get at key features without having to talk or type queries. Though, it also gives them a framework for what they can do with the app, without them having to discover it on their own.

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Microsoft’s assistant is built deeply into PCs with Windows 10. But the company also needs to keep its apps for other mobile platforms up to date in order to meet users where they are. The app’s phone call and messaging functionality got a facelift. So users who want to text using Cortana in a move that makes it even more competitive with Apple’s Siri. Cortana’s messaging and calling capabilities got a redesign as well. When users ask Cortana to make a call, the app will fire up the iPhone’s dialer.


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