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{Update} Discord APK Chat With the Gamers Around the World

Discord APK

Discord is a freeware proprietary VoIP application designed only for gaming communities. Today we are here to tell you about the Discord APK. Discord is the only cross-platform voice and text chat app. It is designed for the gamers so that you can talk to or follow your favorite gaming community. The Discord APK is helping you to connect with the Discord video call, discord voice and discord text chat. It was initially launched on March 6, 2015, and the later company declared that it has 25 million users. It helps you to chat up with your team members; you can also see who is playing online. Catch up your friends on the text conversations which you have missed. This all can happen with the Discord VoIP APK. Discord VoIP means Voice over Internet Protocol. You can Host Discord Server just like Twitch hosting.

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Download – Discord Free APK

Run Discord on Microsoft, MacOS, Android. iOS and also in a web browser. You just have to download Discord Desktop APP to run discord on your PC. Just download the Discord APK and experience the new Game Chat. Also, you may leave when you want to exit the host channel. Some of the major features of the Discord APP are as follows and we will provide you the features of the application.

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Download – Discord iPhone


Discord Voice Chat – You can join the voice channels and talk with your groups. It is the only application for gamers to provide this type of feature.

Real Time Messaging – The real-time messaging helps you to share videos, images, and text productive chat. Chat up with your gamers, friends and pick where you left.

Discord Video Call – The Discord video call helps you for video calling. Hence you can video chat with your gamers whenever you want. You can do video call on Discord Desktop.

Discord APK 6

Invite Friends – Invite your friends quickly and more conveniently by using invite feature given in the Discord APK.

Message – Message your friends on one-to-one directly. You can message your colleagues or any gamer privately by the Discord APK.

Discord Server Support – The Discord Server helps you to manage all game chat groups in one single client. The server is helpful you will never lose your text, voice and video chat.

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Download – Downcloud APP

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The Discord APP for personal computers is designed for use while gaming. The Discord Desktop includes features such as Low-Latency, free voice video calling, and screen sharing. The direct messaging and direct calling are added on by the company. The Discord APK comes with no cost and hence, the developers monetize it. Enhance your gaming experience, and you will never think of the application like this. An increased file size on file uploads from 8MB to 50MB, which is a helpful and unique feature of the application.

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Also, Discord has some serious issue with aggressive behavior and abuse within chats. Some of the communities on Discord Server ‘raided’ by other communities. Some time connection lost, the problem becomes the big issue. Discord VoIP sometimes lost the connection, and it leads to disappointment. The paid customization options such as emoji or stickers added in January 2017. Thus, it is the paid feature of the Discord APK.

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