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{Reviews} Download Google Areo App: Order Food With Google

Google Areo App: Food Delivery Services

Internet search giant Google is looking to take a swing at India’s extremely turbulent FoodTech space. So it finally launched Areo, an app that aggregates food delivery and home services for customers in Bengaluru and Mumbai. While Google has traditionally chosen to partner with service aggregators, acting as a meta aggregator in some sense. Although with Google Areo App the company seems to be going head to head with services such as Swiggy. While only a few online players are part of the service, for now. Google already has a large pool of offline restaurants who list themselves on the platform to be discovered by customers via Maps or its other services.

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Apart from online food order, Google is also looking to collate home services such as electricians, plumbers, beauticians on-demand. The company has so far tied up with Urban Clap. One of the leading home service providers in the country today. It is highly unlikely that Google will enable delivery services like other players. The company has so far tied up with Urban Clap, one of the leading home service providers in the country today. It is highly unlikely that Google will enable delivery services like other players. Google is taking the steps to get into the restaurant delivery and home services business.

Why to Select AREO?

Tech Giant Google’s “Google Areo APP” popped up on the Google Play Store on April 12, 2017, where the company briefly explains how the product works. The idea is to consolidate both food delivery and home services in a single app. Where you can search for dishes or restaurants – even filter by vegetarian options – or book appointment times with local pros. Users can also pay for the app, the description indicates, via card, net banking, or cash on delivery.The app is available as a free download on the Google Play store.

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This isn’t Google’s first time in the delivery space, however. The company continues to operate its rapid delivery service Google Express in the U.S., which delivers items from stores like Costco, Walgreens, Whole Foods and several others. That service has had its ups and downs, however, as Google rethought the model. For example, last fall Google announced it was killing the part of the business that would deliver perishables. However, what’s different with Areo is that Google is completing the transaction on the behalf of the merchant on the app. Rather than taking them to the merchant’s website on Hotel finder or Google Flights.

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One of the similar app related to Google Areo is Zagat. It is used to search for Best Restaurants in the City. Download ZAGAT APK for Android.


Food delivery from your favorite restaurants, providers, and chefs. Home services from local electricians, painters, cleaners, plumbers and more. Google Areo APP helps you to find the best restaurant for you and it also provides you best services you get. The local foods you love you’ll get on the AREO.


Pay by card, Net Banking or Cash on Delivery. A lot of payment options are given to the users so that you don’t need to switch between different apps. The Google Areo APP works fast and it is completely secure.


Search by dish or restaurant. Filter by vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Order what you need, faster. Areo allows the user to find the restaurant and dishes you wanna eat. Thus Google Areo finder works fast and easy to search.

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Choose times that work for you, then schedule all your deliveries and services. The most important nowadays are the time which is precious for us. You can schedule up your deliveries and services which time suits you well. Hence, it’s easy and convenient to use and provides food whenever you want.


User reviews all in one place help you make informed choices from product quality to the timeliness of service. Areo provides you the best and detailed review of the restaurant and dishes you love to eat. However, you can select in between the Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian it’s up to you.

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The Final Verdict

This Hyperlocal services and food tech were a rage in investing circles the last 3-4 years or so. According to Tracxn, including the likes of UrbanClap and House job, over 650 companies have raised $180 million in the space. However, the excitement died down as many companies burned through cash and found it hard to retain users. Companies like Fresh menu and Swiggy are popular food delivery apps in the country.

Google also isn’t the only major tech company to try to make ordering home services something that can be done from your phone. Amazon, too, operates a Home Services business where customers can search and book with area pros for things like home theater installation, home improvement, assembly, house cleaning, lawn care, and more.

The Google Areo app is live on the Google Play Store, but only available in the above cities in India. Google has not announced its plans to bring it to other markets at this time.

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Download – Areo APP Download Free

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