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{Reviews} Evernote APP – Stay Organized and Never Lose Your Ideas

Evernote APP – Stay Organized

In its quest to make you more organized and productive, popular note-taking app Evernote grew a bit bloated. Evernote APP just released a redesigned iOS app that aims to address those complaints. Plus make your notes a little easier on the eyes. The first thing you’ll notice that when you launch Evernote, APK 8.0 has the new home screen. Which picks up right where you left off with your most recent notes at the ready. A new feature for Evernote Business users allows you to separate your Personal Notes from your business ones. Which dramatically streamlines both of those contexts while still allowing you easy access. The Evernote APP helps you to spend less time for navigating things and more time getting things done.

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Why use Evernote?

Evernote Mobile APP can help you to switch between your accounts. Just long press on the account icon to switch between your business account and your personal one. Evernote’s robust search function has become faster and more powerful in this version. Evernote can speed up across the board, including faster syncing. Enhance your memory power by using the Evernote APP. I use it to take notes in both text and audio-visual form. You can also attach files from your Smartphone and take important documents. Such as tickets, event invites and more.

The Evernote Mobile APP can also sync with up to two other devices. When it comes to taking all types of notes and getting work done, Evernote APK is an indispensable tool. You can write, capture and collect important notes for you and make it as a do-list.

A lot of Evernote Alternatives developed and used by the users but know one can replace Evernote. Google Keep, Onenote and many more apps are running in the market. You can take the audio-video messages in the note. You can switch in between your business and personal notes. The majority of the operating system can run the Evernote. Download Evernote and Stay Organized. Hence, Evernote also available in the paid version thus it can give you more impressive features. You can go with the paid or premium versions. The user will get unlimited monthly usage, no individual monthly usage specified in paid version.

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 Stay organized with the new Evernote APP. Manage your daily to daily do-list and never lose your ideas. You can take notes in many options such as audio-video, text form, sketches, photos and much more. You can attach Microsoft Office documents, PDF’s and photos to the Evernote APK. Capture with your camera and save it as scanned document. Evernote allows you to capture the colored pictures of scan documents. Attach your bills, notes, invoices.


The best tool for most of us is data syncing. The Evernote APP allows you sync data to the Evernote local storage. Sync everything automatically across any computer, mobile, and tablet. Start your work on any device and after finishing you can sync it to the other device. This is pretty impressive and surprising feature of the Evernote.

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 The Evernote APP allows us to switch between the different accounts. You can switch between the business or personal account easily just long press on account icon. Hence, the app can switch between accounts which are helpful for those who manages multiple accounts at one time. The paid accounts of the Evernote allows you 10GB of newly uploaded data every month. No limit on usage. Since sometimes it’s not possible to purchase and pay for an app so you can use free version also.


 Evernote Mobile APP can run on the computer, MacOS, iOS, iPhone, Android, tablet and much more. It’s easy to use and portable, you can run on any OS. Apart from this, the Evernote has not currently worked on Linus and BSD. Hence, for the Linux users, it’s bad news. Evernote Web-Clipper is a simple extension that allows you capture full-page articles, images, and texts. Evernote Web-Clipper plugins are also available for Yandex Browser, Opera Mini, Firefox and Google Chrome. Therefore, Evernote web clipper is installed automatically in Microsoft Outlook.

Share Ideas

 Share your business ideas with you friends. Evernote Mobile APP allows you to make notes in the audio-visual, text, and images forms and then you can share it with anybody. Hence, you can share, collaborate and discuss with your friends about your ideas. You can make a team which can work together and share their ideas with each other and thus can improve productivity.

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  • You can attach Microsoft Office documents, PDF’s and photos to the Evernote APK.
  • Evernote Mobile App allows you to create, share and discuss with people
  • Evernote Local Storage helps you to save documents, PDF’s and other audio-visual files as you want.
  • Stay organized and share your thoughts with other around the world. The Evernote Latest Version are in two form. First is Evernote Plus and second is Evernote Premium.
  • Both the latest version can use as per your requirements.
  • You can see who else can access your content. Although you can invite others to collaborate.

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Download – Evernote APK Free


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