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{Reviews} Still sticked on Whats App, Facebook Hike? Upgrade Yourself to Google Allo APP

Google Allo APP

Google Allo APP is now ready for download. Here’s our list of complete tips and tricks on how to use the app. Google Allo, the instant messaging APP with Google Assistant is now available for download. We explain how to use Google ALLO, both on Android and iOS. Google Allo APP simply needs a mobile number to get commenced. Also while setting up, you can choose to link your Google Account to Allo. Once you set-up, Google Assistant’s messages will be the first to appear with a ‘Hi’. Google Assistant starts by saying, “I can help you find what you need and get things done”. It will ask for access to your device location in order to improve suggestions.

Google ALLO APP 5

Nowadays millions and billions of people keep on running their fingers on the same and old fashioned track for messaging. Where most of the peoples are use to having their chat and conversations and other communicating services with the common messaging apps like WhatsApp, facebook messenger, hike, etc. Now Google has recently released an awesome messaging app called “GOOGLE ALLO”. Google Allo APP a massive instant messaging app which is developed by Google. Although it can easily run and execute in Android and iOS platforms. On September 21, 2016, Google released this smart reply featured providing many of the other services. And two- way conversational medium the ALLO MESSAGING APP.

Instant Messaging APP

Google promised it would release both Allo and Duo, its new chat and video calling apps, this summer. It gives you a rundown of the most important features of Google’s new messaging APP. The app itself is still rolling out worldwide. Google launched a new group-centric communication app. It has all the expected features of messaging apps these days: stickers, quick access to images, the ability to adjust the font size to shout or whisper. Google’s latest messaging app is also mobile-only but it’s now available for all platforms.

Google ALLO APP 2

Earlier while using some common but most popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, facebook, hike, etc. People have to stop their chat in the middle of the conversation for some of the reasons. Whether a user has to check for a flight, whether a user has to look up for the restaurant and whether he or she wants to check for daily updates on sports news, technical news, political news, etc. But it seems to be much easier by having an “ALLO APP”. ALLO can help you make plans, fetch your required data, set your reminders, find flights and much more.

Meanwhile, there are lots of online Chat rooms. One same online Chat room is available for Gamers also. Download Discord APK for Android platform



Integrated with the Google Assitant

Firstly the Google initiate the service of the personal Google Assistant with the smart messaging app “ALLO”. This smart messaging app is universally available for every user whether they are using an Android or iOS operating system. Google Assistant seems to be very helpful and resulting in positive factors. By making the use Google Assistant you can easily connect to the Google directly and easily. However, you can perform some of the additional jobs while chatting with your friends and loved ones. Some of the striking jobs performed by the Assistant in an easy way like it may help you in finding the flights. Also, it will provide you the latest new updates regarding daily facts news. It can also help you in finding the restaurant near by you and much more.



If we talk about the “ALLO APK” in terms of supporting the multiple platforms. However, Google provides the feature of the cross platform which tells us that Google Allo app is for both ios and android platform. So you can use “Google ALLO iOS” to access the services of Allo app on the iOS operating system.

Google ALLO APP 6


In GOOGLE ALLO WEB user can express themselves in a much easier way by using ALLO STICKERS. Although the ALLO stickers include photos, stickers, and emojis. You can make emojis and text larger or smaller in size by simply dragging the “send” button up or down. You also have another option by sending the snaps which are created by your own.

Google ALLO APP 3


The main science behind this mode is related to the security point of view. Google always take the privacy and security as the very first preference. So under this mode, the Google’s ALLO DESKTOP APP will provide more secureness to the data. So that it can not be stolen by the third party or an unauthorized party. Google provide the service of an end to end encryption to data so that it cannot be revealed by the third party.
You can also message friends who are not yet using Google Allo for those using Android, GOOGLE ALLO SMS.

Google ALLO APP 4


Google Allo makes it easier for you to respond quickly and keep the conversation going. Even when you’re busy somewhere else you can respond quickly. Google also provided the facility of Allo services for the PC’s and computer having windows platform. Thus it can also run easily in Mac Book where the user can download “GOOGLE ALLO FOR PC”  and GOOGLE ALLO DESKTOP  for taking the benefits of all the services of Allo apps including Google assistant. Users can easily communicate with their friends or with their loved ones using the smart features of this app.

Google ALLO APP 1
This smart and advanced Google product is capable of doing a number of bold and smart jobs like “setting the reminders”, “providing the information about weather, traffics and many other real-time pieces of information”.

Download – Google ALLO Free for Android and iOS


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