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{Guide} Google Personal Assistant…Ok Google Complete Guide

Google Personal Assistant

Google made a surprise announcement on February 26, 2017. Stating that its much-hyped Google Personal Assistant will be arriving sooner than expected. The Google Assistant will begin rolling out this week to English users in the U.S., followed by English in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. As well as German speakers in Germany. Any eligible device must be running Nougat and Marshmallow with Google Play Services. This means you don’t have to buy a Pixel phone or use Google ALLO to use Google Assistant. Though it also means that 30% of all current Android devices will soon enjoy the power of this conversational AI. Trust me, you want that added benefit of a digital assistant that syncs across apps and can dive deeper into your searches via the impressive take on Google. Now see Google Assistant: The smart person’s guide.

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Personal Assistant by Google

On May 2016 Google initiate the foot towards the new era of generation. Google introduced the revised version of Assistant as a two-way Conversation. Though it’s a natural dialogue channel between our users and Google. Though to help them get things done in the real world. The Google Personal Assistant will be universal, it will be available when the users need it to help them. The main aim of Google is to build a Personal Google for each and every users. Just like the Giant Google is for everyone. This also helps each and every user to build their own personal Google.

Google Personal Assistant 2

Google Assistant initially introduced as a part of Google’s messaging app. Allo, and its voice speaker Google Home. Also launched it on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones. Now the tech giant Google challenging some of the other knowledge navigator and intelligent personal assistants like Siri of Apple for iOS, Cortana of Microsoft for windows and android. By upgrading the Google Now to Google Assistant.

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Which device supports the Google Assistant?

Precisely the Google has not unveiled the list of gadgets and accessories that support the Google Assistant APP. But it comes as a part of Google Play Store service update for devices running Android Nougat and Android Marshmallow. Although many of the smartphones having this updated version will support the services of Google Personal Assistant. Initially, the Google has debuted the Assistant through Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones. Further after upgrading the Google Now to Google Assistant. Now the Assistant can support many of the other smartphone brands like Samsung, LG, Moto G series, HTC’s, Sony, etc. Which having the platform of Android Nougat or Android Marshmallow. You just need to say Ok Google and it will available for your services.

Microsoft Windows also launch their Digital Personal Assistant Cortana for new Window Versions on Windows 8.1 and above.


The Smart speaker Google Home

According to many reports and magazines, the news being unveiled by many of the reporters or journalists. Though Google is going to debut a new smart voice speaker “Google Now” to compete against “Amazon Echo” or “Echo”. The Google Home was officially announced at the company’s developer conference in May 2016. Where company also unveiled that The Google Home will also run the services of Google Assistant. As the Echo is developed by the Amazon which executes the command given by the another personal assistant “Alexa“. Similarly newly introduced smart gadget the Google Home will also support. The voice commands given by the Google Assistant.

This smart equipment is capable of doing a number of bold and smart jobs like “setting the reminders”. “Providing the information about whether traffics and much other real-time information”.

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Google Assistant is not only supportable for the devices like smartphones, smart voice speaker, but it is also compatible with the messaging mobile app which was developed by the Google for Android and iOS platform users.  Announced by Google in May 2016 and introduced to the market in September 2016. The messaging app includes the Google Assistant providing the feature of two-way conversational nature. However, with help of The Assistant in the ALLO APP, we can easily fetch the data from the web. We can also use some of the other dominant services of ALLO APP like smart replies, use of stickers, incognito mode of ALLO. It enables the users to send the messages with end to an end decryption, use of private notification to help keep your chat more discreet.

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Android TV
The upcoming highly advanced Android TV will now be able to integrate the Google Assistant mechanism. It will enable the new Nvidia Shield TV integrated with the Assistant to control almost entirely by voice. Also, Samsung Smart things support will add the ability to control smart devices around the house.

How the Google Assistant Works?

Google Home

Google home is a smart voice connector that works as a central station and an assistant for the whole family. We can make use of this device in terms of playback entertainment throughout your entire home. By using this device we can manage our everyday tasks effortlessly, and Ask Google anything. Google Home able to do the number of tasks by using Google Personal Assistant, working similar to the Alexa on Amazon’s Echo. The science behind this is to be more integrated into your home environment.

Google ALLO The Smart Messaging APP

This newly introduced messaging app developed by the Google integrated into the upgrade version of Google now i.e., “Google Personal Assistant APP“. Though, this smart messaging app available for both android as well as the iOS platform. Thus to get the services of this Google APP in iOS we have to install the ALLO APP from the “APP Store” from where you can easily get this app. However, in the case of Android, platform users have to install this app from Google Play Store.

After installing the app we have to register an ID and log in by giving your Gmail Account. After registering the id you may get a One-Time Password on your phone or you may also get that OTP on your Gmail Account (which you have registered during your logging into the ALLO APP). At last, you have to give that OTP number to your ALLO APP and you will be able to enjoy all the services offer by the ALLO APP which also includes the Google Assistant services.

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Tasks performed by the Google Assistant

Facts About Animals

Google assistant will help you in getting the information about any of the animal, species such that where they belong what the features they are having and much more.

Movies Near You
For sometimes finding the movies near you is a difficult task for you but the Assistant will provide you. The easiest way to fetch the information regarding movies by simply saying that “Movies near me?”. However, here the assistant will provide you the option of choosing which type of movie you want to see such that an action movie, comedy, thriller or a romantic movie.
Daily News

Assistant will fetch the latest and daily news whether related to technology, any political news, business news, sports news and much more.

Find Flights

You can easily get the information about the flights, however. Assistant will give you the information of all the flights of your near located airport. It will also give the information about flight such that the flight’s take off timing, flight’s destination, and other required information.

Play Music

Google assistant will easily play music for you simply by saying “Play Music” or “Play videos” and by saying many other simple phrases or words.

Set Reminders

You can also set reminders “Set a Reminder“, ” Remind me to buy cookies”, “Remind me to buy teddy tonight”, “Remind me to call Dad”, or “Remind me to do Workout”, etc.

Features which makes Google Personal Assistant more dominant over other Personal Assistants like Siri and Cortana.

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Automatic Responses

The striking feature of the Google Assistant is that it can send automatically replies on your behalf to the next party. In a case when you are too busy in your own work and unable to type a reply to them. Then in such cases, the Assistant will help you by sending them the message where that words and phrases are used which is used by you in most of the time and that have been stored in the Google server. Perhaps, on the other hand, Siri does not support the feature like this. Since the Apple is not believing in storing the personal data on its server. So it would not know that How to create clone-like automatic message anyway.

Follow-UP Information

For easily fetching of data and gaining the information for any of the objects both Google Assistant and Siri will help you. But here the difference occurs when you asks that name the fastest animal living on the planet? Then in both case, Siri and the Assistant will provide you the necessary data on your screen. But the difference is that the Assistant will ask you for displaying the further information. Like whether you want to know about the species, where this species found the most, and provide the more relevant information related to the species. However, Siri will stop after providing you with the name. So, here the Assistant will work as your own encyclopedia that helps you to Enhance your knowledge. However, accepts one request at a time.

Chat Log Conversations

Another dominant feature of i.e., provided by the Google in the Assistant is that Google Personal Assistant APK. Your conversation presented in the form of chat logs so that it will help you to scroll down. The texts and read or review your old requests made by you. But on the other hand, Siri does not support this measure. Siri will treat each question separately soon will forget all the old convos. For instance, if you could tap a response from the question that you had asked it thirty minutes ago. Then at that moment, it will carry on from where you left. However, this is not the part of Siri.

Cross-Platform APP

If we talk about the Assistant in terms of supporting the multiple platforms. However Google Personal Assistant provide the feature of the cross platform which tells us that Google Assistant for both ios and android platform. While Siri Personal Assistant for iOS limited to devices supporting iOS.

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