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How to Encrypt and Password Protect Folders in macOS

How to Encrypt and Password Protect Folders in macOS

Security lovers have possible observed that folders can’t be instantly password protected in macOS. However, you’ll be able to nonetheless shield your knowledge by putting the folders and information in password-protected containers. This has the impact of defending your folder and the information it incorporates with a password. You can password shield folders in macOS utilizing the built-in Disk Utility software or a third-party software referred to as Encrypto.

Using Disk Utility

You can password-protect the contents of a folder by copying them to a password-protected disk picture. This will create a brand new dmg file, which will probably be password-protected. The unique folder will stay untouched and could be deleted as soon as the contents of the disk picture are confirmed.

1. Open Disk Utility from Spotlight or /Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility.app.

2. Choose “File > New Image > New Image from Folder…” from the menu bar.

password protect folders disk utility 1

three. Select the folder you need to password-protect from the pop-up file browser window.

four. In the “Encryption” menu, select “128-bit AES Encryption” or “256-bit AES encryption.” The second selection is nominally safer, however takes longer to encrypt and decrypt. Both codecs are sufficiently safe for shielding your knowledge, so the quicker 128-bit AES is usually advisable.

password protect folders disk utility 2

5. Enter a password when prompted. This is the password you’ll enter to unlock the disk picture. It shouldn’t be the identical as your Mac password. Make positive it’s sufficiently troublesome to guess.

6. In the “Image Format” menu, select “read/write” to permit you to add information to the picture. Otherwise, you’ll solely give you the chance to view the information on the picture with out updating them or including new information to the picture.

7. Click “Save” to create the encrypted disk picture. This will begin a brief course of in Disk Utility, which can notify you when it’s completed creating the disk picture out of your folder.

eight. Unless you chose a unique save location in the earlier steps., the disk picture will seem subsequent to the folder you chose.

This DMG file isn’t the identical as your folder, however it’s a copy of the folder’s contents in a disk picture format. That disk picture is protected by a password, requiring a password earlier than it may be mounted and learn. The unique folder has been untouched and shouldn’t be encrypted.

Open the disk picture and enter your password to affirm you possibly can entry the picture and that it incorporates all the folder’s information. Once you’re positive the whole lot labored easily, delete the unencrypted folder. This will depart solely the encrypted DMG behind.

Using Encrypto

Encrypto is a third-party encryption software obtainable in the Mac App Store. It supplies larger ease of use in encryption and decryption, based mostly on a easy drag-and-drop process.

1. Install Encrypto from the Mac App Store.

2. Open Encrypto from the Applications folder.

three. Drag the folder you need to encrypt on to Encrypto’s window.

password protect folders encrypto

four. Enter the password you need to shield the folder with. You can even present an non-compulsory trace in the event you’re afraid of forgetting the password credentials.

password protect folders encrypto

5. After you’ve typed in a sufficiently complicated password, click on “Encrypt” to encrypt the folder in an Encrypto archive.

6. When the encryption is completed, drag the ensuing Encrypto archive to a protected location. You also can select “Share File > Save As…” to save the Encrypto archive to one other location.

password protect folders encrypto

7. To open the file, double-click the Encrypto archive. Enter your password and click on “Decrypt” to unlock the folder.

password protect folders encrypto

Then drag the decrypted folder to a save location.


The Disk Utility technique of password-protecting a folder will work on any Mac, nevertheless it’s barely clunky. Encrypto is far simpler to use however creates proprietary Encrypto archives which may not be future proof. Choose your technique relying in your wants and safety considerations.

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