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iPhone 8 Expected to Feature Ramped-up Dual Lens Camera Setup

iPhone 8

Apple has made tremendous improvements on the smartphone front with the best devices of today packing a punch owing to the best in line specifications of today. The iPhone 7 appeared in September 2016 and took the world by storm. However, on account of its premium foray of specifications and expectations from Apple enthusiasts for the iPhone 8 is huge. Previously Smartphone speculated that the iPhone 8 will feature in Apple’s 2017. It’s iPhone 10th-anniversary event but subsequent reports point to the launch of the 7’S’ variants in 2017. That definitely pushes back the iPhone 8 launch a year further. Now, tech enthusiasts have an ample amount of time in order to pinpoint what and Eighth-generation iPhone might feature.

The previous iteration of the iPhone featured ground-breaking improvements. Since in the flagship smartphone line-up by Apple with the device variants featuring the latest technological advancements rolled out today. The iPhone 8 has already been pegged to be revolutionary on account of its design which might be one main highlight of the device’s huge premise. The smartphone might slated to be Apple’s first smartphone to feature a Super AMOLED. However, the screen and an edge-to-edge curved display. This particular development automatically points to a 100% screen-to-body resolution. Smartphone eliminating bezels on the front panel of the device. The iPhone 8 also expected to house a screen-embedded fingerprint scanner. As well as an iris scanner, yet another proposed revolutionary feature. There have been speculations surrounding how many variants will be made available for the iPhone 8. But as of now, all tech enthusiasts are considering are the base variants.

What’s Expecting?

Most of the smartphones today perform optimally on the basis of the best processor incorporated inside the device. The iPhone 7 sported the latest A10 Fusion chipset. Which was touted by the company to be 120 times faster than the 1st iPhone chip. The iPhone 8, without a doubt, will definitely feature an A11 Processor which is pegged to be 50% faster than its predecessor. Although further details regarding the chipset have been withheld tightly by the company.

Another significant concern over the iPhone 8 is definitely regarding the developments in the Optics department. The iPhone 7 Plus’s dual lens camera setup will tout as the best development by the company till date. It allows users to take high-resolution DSLR-like photographs with their smartphones. The iPhone 8 definitely slated to retain the feature with the Sony manufactured lenses. Although a ramp up in the sensor count might expect. Tech enthusiasts point at a 16MP wide-angle plus a 16MP telephoto lens system for the upcoming flagship by Apple with Quad-tone LED flash a remote possibility. The Cupertino-based tech firms have maintained very tight-lipped policies. Perhaps pertaining to their forthcoming launches and we can be only sure about the iPhone 8 specifications when Apple decides. Till then, we will just have to rack our brains and look for any small snippet available revolving around the iPhone 8.

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