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{Detailed} Manage Money with Money View APP your Personal Money Manager

Money View APP

You might spend less on transportation when the weather is nice, and chances are you could use that extra cash to flesh out that restaurant tab, right? Manage all of your accounts, from credit cards to magazine subscriptions, in one place. Even make custom accounts for your rent or cleaning service. The Money View APP reminds you when your payments are due. Although it lets you pay on the spot from a bank account or credit card, or you can schedule a payment for the future. Connect all of your accounts to the encrypted app. However, you can view them all in one place for easy access and payment optionsPay with a debit card or transfer funds from a linked bank account, right to a friend’s Venmo account.

Money View APP 1

Money View helps you to manage accounts. Basically, Money View APP is a financial management app for Android that accommodates to keep an eye on your expenses and manage their Bank Savings. You don’t have to key in the mind or you don’t want to remember your bank details. The information can be acquired by tapping on your SMS data. MoneyView APP is quick and although works faster than any other Money Manager. However, most of you have questions about the Security and Privacy Policy of the Money View APP. Therefore, here is the answer to that question there are no security issues as well as no privacy issues. The Money View APK is fully secure and user-friendly to use. The company raised around $8.5 million in April. They received around 1 million downloads, and Money View soon reached to 5 million in the next 12 months.

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Money View analyses transactional SMS to track account balances, expenses, and ATM withdrawals. However, the company claims that they will not gonna read OTP or personal SMS. So, you don’t need to feel insecure. Your private data is safe. Money View APP does not gain access to your personal SMS, bank OTP’s passwords and account numbers. Your Money Manager APP recognizes accounts which are secure. The app will only recognize only based on last four digits mentioned in your SMS. The Money View APP only uses bank security & encryption – this will save your data as well as money. The number of features of Money View APP which we are going to discuss.

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Track your spends automatically by the help of SMS. The best money manager app will help you to track each and every transaction, after all, it’s best Google APP of 2015. As Money View APP will give information of every transaction by the help of SMS.

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You can set your budget and then follow your budget. The Money View will help you to view your bank account balance. This gonna help you a lot more even by checking your balance and then Set & Follow budget that you have set.


Reminders! The reminders will help you to get bill reminders & and you can pay bills on time. The Money View APP reminders help you a lot for the paying bills on time. Thus it will save your money and time both.

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Split or divide your bills with friends so that everybody has to pay the equal bill. Pay with your friends first split the bill and then pay.


The Money View APP will save your money. Now, you can keep track of office reimbursements as well. Thus your Money Manager will keep tracking your office reimbursements and help you a lot to save your Expenditure.

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Money View APP not only track your money but it also saves your money. You can save money in the form of taxes. You can grow money faster using Savings and also save on taxes using the Taxsaver+.

The Final Verdict

Five million plus people use Money View APP. The APP will help you manage money better. It’s the best money management app for iPhone. It’s the best app so far for managing your money and will keep track for the money. The APP is very much secure for you, as it does not gain access to the personal SMS, bank OTP’s or any of your password. The Money View declared best Google APP for 2015 and it continues to grow big day by day. You can split bills, set reminders for paying bills, track your money and save your money, Save your taxes as well by the TAX SAVER. So, it’s all about the Money View: Money Manager APP for managing your money.

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You can click the link to get money view app download right in your Android Smartphone.

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