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{New Update} Zagat APK Download

Zagat is your guide to discover the best and most notable restaurants, bars, shops and hotels in the dozen of locations all around the world. You don’t want any online restaurant reviews. You can find the restaurant on Zagat APK. Just write location where you want to locate the restaurant. Such as – Zagat Dallas,  Zagat Los Angeles, and Zagat Boston Restaurants, and like this, you can find in any place. Hence, this helps lots of users to find the online restaurant quickly and easily. Zagat App lots of features that will help you a lot to locate the restaurant, bars. We tell you how to find the online restaurant reviews right here.

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Features of ZAGAT APK

• REVIEWS: Zagat concise reviews given by their trusted user to the restaurant. It will help a user to find quickly what they need and which restaurant had got how many star reviews.

• RATINGS: Each hotel, restaurant, and bars are given marks from 0 to 30. Just like:( Food=25 out of 30, Decor=17 out of 30, Service=28 out of 30 ). Three ways to give marks.

• EXPERT: Expert Selection lists of places to go for nearly any occasion, mood and craving (it will tell you according to your location).

• FILTER: You can filter restaurants, bars, hotels and places by Zagat ratings, cost, cuisine, features, neighborhoods and more.

•VIEW: The most important feature before you go anywhere is you can decide menu before you go, the Zagats can make reservations for the table. Find the Google Street View Panoramas.

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Zagats Supported Locations

Amsterdam, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Barcelona, Boston, Cape Cod, Charleston, Charlotte, Chicago, Connecticut, Dallas, Denver, Florence, Hawaii, Houston, Las Vegas, London, Long Island, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Jersey, New Orleans, New York City, Orlando, Paris, Philadelphia, Phoenix-Scottsdale, Portland, OR, Rome, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Savannah, Seattle, Tampa, Toronto, Vancouver, Venice, Washington DC, Westchester-Hudson Valley, NY. Around 45 location we have, and you can almost find anywhere as the new updates come the site are increased.

Suppose if you want online restaurant reviews in Dallas then search for Zagat Dallas the app will show you the best in your nearby area.


If you want to find online restaurant reviews, then go for the Zagats. The Zagat APK provides reviews on restaurant, bars, hotels and places in your location. The disadvantage for the Zagat is the finder is destitute. Location on the Google Map is right rather on the Zagat location finder. Also, you want to find any restaurant you just simply type the location. Such as – Zagat Dallas, Chicago cheap restaurants and like this you can get any hotel, restaurant and vice-versa. Hence, the Zagat APK is helpful for the people who are across the USA.

Zagats is the useful application, but I should say if the location finder is fixed by the company this will going to be the best app for finding restaurant, bars, and hotels.

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Bugs Fixed

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