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{Tricks} Download Opera Mini 7.5 APK.Mod and Bypass Airtel Internet

Opera Mini 7.5 APK 

This is Opera Mini 7.5 APK which is released for Android OS which is modded to bypass Airtel internet. With this hacked version, you can browse the Internet for free with Airtel. This trick is tested on Android versions Gingerbread, Ice cream sandwich, Jelly Bean ( 4.1 ), Kitkat (4.4.4), Lollipop(5.1.1)  and seen to be working correctly.

Step 1:

Download – Opera Mini 7.5 Android APK.Mod

Step 2:

Uninstall if already installed Opera Mini 7.5 APK. Install Downloaded Opera Mini.

Step 3:
Go to Settings > More > Mobile Network Setting
Select your subscription
Then go to Access Point Names
Option > New APN

Fill as following:

  • Name : AchusoftConfig
  • APN: airtelgprs.com
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 80

Option > Save

Then select the Previously created setting as default.

Step 4:
Open already installed Opera Mini. Then it will start installing
Then Carry on.
Share the Trick with others via us.


  • It works on default APN airtelgprs.com
  • Works on most of the phones and tabs
  • Works at zero balance
  • We upload in Google sites. No survey required :p

Problems Opera Mini 7.5 APK:

  • Not working on Blocked SIMs.
  • In Lollipop devices, since it runs on ART architecture, there will be blank screen every time you click on something or search for a web address, no problem… after the link is opened, click on the website link on the top of the browser where you type website, and then the site loads up.

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Working Trick for Free 3G Data on Airtel No Opera Mini Required

Today the internet is the great mediator of our lives, carrying not only practical information through traditional vertical structures – editing who should and should not see what is related – but the most highly personal and social information through horizontal structures of colleague and rivals. We now live through infinitely complex virtual networks, barely able to trace wherein information is coming from and where it is going. You will get Free 3G Data on Airtel just follow up the guide.

Opera Mini 7.5 APK 1We will share a new Trick to Get free 3G data on Airtel With Hammer VPN. You Need Root + Xpose Module to Get unlimited 3G, Otherwise Only 150 Mb per Day. The Internet is the major thing which we all need in our daily life. So, why don’t we get it for free? Today I will tell you to get free 3G data on Airtel Network. You will not get free 3G data on broadband. Working Trick for Free 3G Data on Airtel for Android users with Hammer VPN. 

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•Root + Xpose module


•Device Emulator


•Hammer VPN

Opera Mini 7.5 APK 2


• Have patience. The most important thing to perform the full task.  




•First, you need any data pack,(Facebook or Twitter, any small data package)


•Download Hammer VPN from PlayStore


•Open Hammer VPN, select any free server(I Recommend 7,8,9,10)


•Hammer VPN ask root permission, don’t allow it. 


•Set Protocol as UDP (Default)


•Set report, I port as 9201(both)

Opera Mini 7.5 APK 3


•Connect, you are done and Enjoy. 

•To Get Unlimited 3G


•Stop and uninstall Hammer VPN when it reach 80 Mb


•Download Device Emulator from Playstore, Grant Root, xpose permissions.


•Open Device Emulator and tap randomize all.


•Install Hammer VPN Again, Connect 


Now You Are Done!!! Awesome!! Right???


•Uninstall Hammer VPN When It Reach 80mb,


•Change all Of your ID With Device Emulator. 


So enjoy Free 3G Data on Airtel for Android. 


Personally Tested In Kerala

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