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{Reviews} Premium Meze 99 Classics Headphones

Premium Meze 99 Classics

Hey! Guys whats up, today we are going to review the Premium Meze 99 Classics Headphone. The tech world is full of headphones, and the Meze 99 Classics are not the cheapest pair. But they are pretty damn good-looking. So, let’s start with the review the built quality and the way the headphones looks are the premium big pair of headphones. The ear cups themselves are made out of walnut wood that means they are unique. You can see the actual grain of the wood and each headphone is different from the previous line for connectors and joins. The joins are gold-plated which looks absolutely fantastic on black. The Premium Meze 99 Classics are available in a bunch of colors. Such as silver and white, black and gold which catches your eyes.


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Built Quality

The joins are gold-plated which looks fantastic on black. The Premium Meze 99 Classics are available in a bunch of colors. Such as silver and white, black and gold which catches your eyes. The ear cups you get are themselves made out of membraning form and synthetic leather. They are incredibly soft and comfortable over the ear. Also, the headband you get is auto adjustable which allows you to use same membrane form and synthetic leather. The Meze 99 Classics are closed back headphones so they will sound like closed back headphones and they are over the ear headphones. But they are not particularly large. The Meze 99 headphones are extremely comfortable around the year.

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Classic Looks

The Meze 99 headphones are extremely comfortable around the year. The built quality of headphones itself is extremely impressive and looks like these headphones can take a beating. Most of the people carry them safely as the headphones look like great. You will get a hard synthetic leather case which is pretty damn amazing. It is a good mix of foam and function with a headphone case clearly, holds the headphones well. The synthetic bag was given to you also contains all accessories that are included with the 99 classics. You also get the sweet extra long braided cable with balance connectors, and you will also get a Smartphone cable that allows you to attend and make calls using the Microphone. Therefore, improve your audio quality as per your need.

Comfy Controls

The Premium 99 Meze Classics doesn’t provide you volume controls or track controls which are a little bit a disadvantage of the Headphone. You will get a 6.3mm to 3.5mm connector, i.e., included with the case. You will also get the airline connector for those who are interested. All the connectors, all the jack, and all the ports are gold-plated which is a good thing. The premium classics are clearly over the ear headphones, and the comfort around the ears is good. If you have small or medium-sized ears, it is comfortable. But if you have large then you’ll sit very close to the headphones because they’re not the largest concerning earpads but it is still a comfy fit.

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The headphones tend to get little one over a period of extended usage but, i.e., the case with most synthetic leather ear cups. The headband is quite similar to AKG two forties which in itself in an auto adjusting headband. So it’s easy to put on your head but it always tugs on the ear cups you will feel a little pressure.

Audio Quality

Now, the 99 classics are built really well, and they look excellent, and they are extremely comfortable. As a pair of headphones, they look good as far as audio quality is concerned the soundstage is wide. But isolation for the instrument is pretty impressive. The base is warm but it’s not overpowering, and mids really shine on 99 classics. There is a lot of clarity and mids are bright and vibrant. Hence, the soundstage is pretty impressive, and it is pretty impressive if you put them for the first time.

Premium Meze 99 Classics Review

Noise Isolation is good and for that credit goes to the wooden ear cups. The synthetic leather membrane foam earpads are great, and you will get out the most ambient sound. Honestly, these headphones are not cheap and upwards of three hundred dollars(20,000INR). This price makes them an extremely Premium pair of headphones, and they are manufactured in Europe. It took about two years to design and test these headphones out and those two years are well spent.


You do get the 6.3mm gold-plated jack which will work all your audio files hardware that you have lying around the wooden ear cups. Major two cons of the Premium 99 Meze Classics is the high price tag of 300$. The second thing is the fact that they don’t close down or become more compact to make them easy to carry. You have to take the synthetic leather box always to carry it or the way they are which makes them less convenient.

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This is the quick review of the Meze 99 Classics headphones if you have any questions or suggestions you can drop them in comment sections below and we will try to cover them.

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