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Top 5 Productivity APP’s for Android

Productivity APPS

The productivity apps dedicated to producing information. Documents, presentations, worksheets, database and many more types of services can be done by the help of Productivity APPS. Today, we will tell you to top 5 productivity APP for Android. Read it till the very end.

1. Evernote Mobile APP

I have been using the Evernote APP for a long time. I use it to take notes in both text and audio-visual form. You can also attach files from your Smartphone and take important documents. Such as tickets, event invites and more. The Evernote Mobile APP can also sync with up to two other devices. When it comes to taking all types of notes and getting work done, Evernote APK is an indispensable tool. You can write, capture and collect important notes for you and make it as a do-list.

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  • You can attach Microsoft Office documents, PDF’s and photos to the Evernote APK.
  • Evernote Mobile App allows you to create, share and discuss with people
  • Evernote Local Storage helps you to save documents, PDF’s and other audio-visual files as you want.
  • Stay organized and share your thoughts with other around the world. The Evernote Latest Version are in two form. First is Evernote Plus and second is Evernote Premium.
  • Both the latest version can use as per your requirements.
  • You can see who else can access your content. Although you can invite others to collaborate.

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2. Cam Scanner APP

Cam Scanner APP lets you scan real documents or notes and makes digital copies out of it. So you can tweak the colors and intensity or even gray-scale it. The Cam Scanner app helps you sync, store and collaborate on various contents across Smartphones, tablets, and computers. Optimize your Scan Quality and Smart cropping and auto enhancing make the texts and graphics look bright and sharp. Cam Scanner is one of the best mobile document scanners.

Productivity APPS 3

  • Share PDF/JPEG Files with others by the help of social media, email attachments or you can send the doc link.
  • Cam Scanner APP can do advanced Editing by adding watermark to docs.
  • Secure Important Docs by setting the passcode for viewing important docs; meanwhile, when you send the document, you can set a password to protect it.
  • The Cam Scanner also have the premium subscription for the users. You can sync across the different platforms and can share with others.
  • Quick searching by entering the keyword will be also helpful for you to see your list.
  • Extract texts and images inside the single page for further editing or.txt sharing.


3. Slack APP

Another best productivity apps which allow you to communicate. Slack APP brings team communication and collaboration into one place. So you can work more in less amount of time. The Slack app is available on any device so that you can find and access your team and your job. Slack support many things such as


Productivity APPS 4

  • Communicate with your team and organize your conversations which can help your business grow up.
  • You can message and call to any member of your group.
  • You can share, edit and collaborate with the right people all in Slack.
  • Unite in your workflow by the help of Slack app and improve your productivity. Enhance your team work by slack file transfer and edit when you want.
  • Set reminders for our team to view what work is to be done.
  • You can create channels for your whole team and also for some particular people you want to communicate with.

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4. IFTTT APP (If This Then That)

Our next app is called as IFTTT APP i.e. if this then that app. It allows you to automate task on your Smartphone. So it comes with presets called applets which can do anything from managing your social media feeds to simple functions like mutant your device when you walk into your office. You can also customize the applets to suit your needs. The IFTTT app can assist you with practically anything you want. The IFTTT email trigger allows you to manage your emails and feeds.

Productivity APPS 7

  • You can post your Instagram photos as Twitter or Pinterest pins.
  • If this then that app can help you to backup your important files, photos, and contacts to your cloud-storage.
  • Get notification for weather forecast each morning.
  • Save your time by not opening your social media all the time, just manage your Newsfeed by IFTTT app.
  • Trigger your Events which are based on your current location.
  • Fully customize your Applet as per your need.

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5. Rescue Time APP 

The last app on our list is Rescue Time app which acts as a time tracker it monitors which websites to browse. It also tell us how many times a particular website is browsed. This includes social media entertainment and even shopping. I would suggest keeping that kind of data far away from your boss. You can also lock time for actual physical activities like meetings or lunch. Also, you can track time across devices like your computer or Smartphone.

Productivity APPS 8

  • Automatic Time Tracking of your Smartphone apps.
  • Also, you can report your voice call time.
  • It tells you where your website time is spent.
  • Privacy options allow you or tell that what you care about.
  • Shows you unlimited data history.

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Download – SLACK APP

Download – IFTTT APP


So these are over top 5 productivity apps for Android to make your day more productive. Hope! you like this. Comment in the comment box for any assistance.

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