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{Reviews} Download Happn App: A Romantic Dating App


Happn APP is the hopeless romantic among dating apps, though the concept can sound a little creepy at first. Happn charm goes one step beyond: When you open it on your phone, you’re greeted by a collection of other users. Although with whom you’ve physically crossed paths with throughout your day. While some people might be initially uncomfortable about the location-tracking nature. Happn’s founder and CEO say it’s all about replicating the serendipity of real life. We wanted to bring back reality into the dating world.

CEO of Happn Didier Rappaport told that We think that every day you cross paths with people. And most of them, you miss them, because you do not have the time to walk with them. Or because their might some missed the connection. Hence, they could open up Happn Dating APP afterward if they missed their initial chance. And have a second shot at striking up a conversation. When browsing dating APP Happn, you can see a timeline of every Happn user. You’ve been near in the last few days, ranked chronologically and by the total time you’ve been around them. Happn Since your Happn dating APP timeline arranged chronologically. However, a charm also guarantees that your encounter won’t be lost among more recent encounters if that person traveled a lot that day.

Romantic Dating APP

Happn is the one of the Online dating APP developed by FTW & Co. It seems to be romantic dating app and sounds a little creepy at first. Happn APP is as similar to Tinder APP in working process as Tinder simple shows a people around you within a few miles of you. Happn is beyond one step to Tinder APP. When you open the Happn APP on your cell phone, it connects with the collection of other users with whom physically you crossed the path with throughout your day.

Although some of the peoples having the problem regarding the location tracking ability of Happn APP. While CEO of Happn clarifies that it is a development of App which is the beneficial way in real life.

Happn works in the process of advance technology that If you crossed the path from any place it shows the people you have to meet. Thus it provides an easy way to communicate and make with local area friends from the place you visit.

Rappaport developed the Happn APP with the aim to stay connect and create relation amount your nearest place. Although you have to stay connect and can also meet casually and easily and stay connected.

Happn can also connect with Facebook but it can’t show you all friends in the Facebook account. However, Happn APP shows a Mutual friend. It keeps you secure and saves.

How it works!!!

• Whenever you cross the path it shows the person on your timeline
• You can visit on their timeline at any time. Though it also shows how many time you crossed the path from the same place.
• There’s someone you like..?? Like them secretly: they won’t find out…. unless the interest is mutual..!! As well as you can start messaging by simply saying “Hi” or what so ever you wanna say to them.

You never receive a message from people you haven’t liked. Hence, your location is always invisible to other members. Happn APP is free to download in
iOS, Android, Windows. Easily available Happn APK in below link. Also, you can find on Google Play Store and AppStore.

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