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{Review} Hands On Moto G5 Plus

Hands On Moto G5 Plus

Lenovo has finally officially launched the Moto G5 Plus in India. It’s time to do a full review of the device. Read it till the very end to get the full consideration of the device. Motorola as a brand or the Lenovo owns Moto the Moto G series is one of the most Iconic and most famous series. The Moto G was officially the first Smartphone that brings Motorola back to its Limelight. The Moto G3 gained a lot of popularity thanks to the IP67 design on the Smartphone. Since Lenovo took over Motorola a lot of changes comes in design. Especially the Moto G4 launched last year. This time around the Moto G5 is a complete redesign of the G series.

Moto G5 Plus 1


Now, talking about the built quality of the Smartphone is made entirely out of metal and holds an entirely different and more premium look towards it. So the Moto G series has gone from a sporty, youthful brand to now a premium looking all metal brand the phone packed with definitely sleeker and feels extremely comfortable in hand and over the front now gets Gorilla Glass 3. You don’t get any sort IP protection so don’t get any water resistance or dust protection, but you do have a nano water repellent coating which will prevent damage from basic splashing on your device.

Before going forward, we should concern with the Smartphone Specification.

Motorola Moto G5 Plus at a Glance:
  • Body – Metal
  • Screen – 5.2″ IPS LCD, 1080 x 1920px resolution(424ppi); Gorilla Glass 3
  • OS – Android 7.0 Nougat( Complete and pure form Android )
  • Chipset – Snapdragon 625, 8x Cortex-A53 clock at 2.0GHz, Adreno 506
  • Memory – 4GB of RAM with 64GB of storage; 2/3GB variant with 32GB of storage; MicroSD card slot also available.
  • Camera – 12MP sensor, f/1.7 aperture, dual-LED flash.
  • Video – 2160p (US Version), 1080p (EMEA Version)
  • Selfie – 5MP, f/2.2
  • Battery – 3000mAh (sealed), TurboPower fast charge


As far as the specification concerned the Smartphone is packed with pretty impressive specs. If you compare it to the last year’s Moto Z Play the specs are almost at power. The front you get 5.2 inches of display this is an IPS LCD, and you get great colors, viewing angles and screen are very visible indoors as well as outdoors. So, the size of the Smartphone is pretty comfortable in average to large size 9. But if you do have tiny hands a moto has enabled the ability to shrink the screen and make it smaller. So accordingly you can now to each end of the display easily use the phone with one hand. The device does run Android 7 out of the box.

Android Nougat

It’s extremely responsive and since it runs a stock variant of Android. The Moto does little or no customization. You only get some actions from the moto app along with gestures. The gesture action that Moto has had from the beginning, and it seems to work very well for the company. The users also find action very useful for them. In Motorola cell phones you still have the features like the double chop to turn on the flashlight and twist to run on the camera.

Moto G5 Plus 2


Defining Camera

Speaking to the camera, it’s an impressive dual pixel camera with a 12MP sensor. You get good low light images thanks to the f/1.7 apertures focus is impressive with the PDAs. Although laser focus would have been good for low light performance pictures, PDAF works just as well. The images are mostly crisp the color saturation is on point. You get the great contrast and accurate color from your images. The pro mode included in the camera app allows you to control your shutter speed your white balance that is so much time with your focus manually and you get toggles to be able to do all of that on the screen. The phone has the bunch of other modes including slow-mo at 720p and a Panorama Mode. The slow mo is pretty standard for mostly all Google devices.

Responsive and Protective Lense

Nowadays, it also does capture good 4K video at 30 frames per second. It turns out to be smooth and the audio captured is also pretty impressive. The Speaker phone is located in the earpiece of the device which is powered firing speakers. If you are watching video on the 5.2-inch display, you get excellent audio. Although it’s not the loudest that we’ve seen and we do miss the dual speaker setup or a stereo speaker setup. That we’ve seen in moto devices in the past but it is not there in Moto G5 Plus.  Another thing which is not available in G5 plus is the compass and, i.e., something again a disappointment. The Maps do automatically rotate using GPS and cellular triangulation, but you don’t get instant turning.

Moto G5 Plus 3


Chipset Power

Now talking about what’s running on the device the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 is an impressive chipset. It is available in the much cheaper from the redmi note 4 much less than new Moto G5 Plus. But with the Moto G5 plus and the stock Android free the user experience in the day-to-day usage. Along with navigation through application multitasking and playing game is a lot smoother with the chipset. The stock Android also manages memory well, so you get a lot of free memory all time. What’s also interesting is games play is really well on this device. Even if you put the games on high graphic the animation frame rates are excellent. The feedback from the gaming experience is pretty good. The stereo speakers get only a single speaker which is loud enough.

Another interesting thing that Moto has done with G5 Plus is the fact that now you can pop in two SIM cards as well as microSD card. So you don’t have to compromise on the Hybrid play system. You can use two SIM cards on the SD card together which is pretty appreciated a lot. You can expand up to 256GB  variant, so you don’t have to be stuck with 32GB storage.

Moto G5 Plus 4


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Network Supporting

The Smartphone does support the VOLTE for those who are using Reliance JIO. We found networks to be solid and robust network connectivity indoors as well as outrage is good. You can have some sort of noise cancellation thanks to the second significant noise cancellation. The Moto G5 Plus is packed up with the 3000mAh battery which supports Turbo power charging. So you get the quick charge in about an hour and a few minutes of change you get a full charge.

Motorola should work for this

The disappointing aspect of the device is that the Moto M comes with USB type-c port and we’re expecting type-c port in Moto G5 Plus also. This is slightly disappointing from the company. As the 3000mAh battery will last you a full day plus some more depending on the kind of user you are. The Moto G5 Plus does have Gorilla Glass 3 on the front and the rear camera lens cover is also not plastic. It’s glass so a lot of people who had complaints about the rear camera scratching they’re not going to have that.


Moto G5 Plus 6

The Moto has improved with the Moto G5 Plus barring a few things. The all-metal body is sleek, thinner and definitely lighter than the previous generation of the Moto G series. The Smartphone looks stylish and premium and at the same time does give you the Gorilla Glass 3 protection. The LCD display is excellent in both indoor and outdoor. The camera manages to capture excellent photographs along with the good 4k video. The Moto G5 Plus is definitely making a mark in this price packet.

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