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{Update} Bored of your Navigation Bar? Use Navbar APPs

What is Navigation bar?

Are you guys still stuck on your Navigation bar or you are bored with your old Navbar of your Smartphone. Now, it’s not a problem now you can customize your Navbar with “Navbar APPs”. So, before getting started you all should know what is Navigation Bar? So, here’s the answer, Navigation Bar or Navigation system is a section of Graphical User Interface or GUI. However, Navigation Bar or section implemented in File Browsers, Web Browsers and it might be used as designing element in dynamic and static websites. As it’s a short description about the navigation bar.

Navbar APPs 1

Navbar APPs

If you tired of your boring Navigation Bar then make it awesome with Navbar APPs. Some of the cool things and customization you can make with the Navbar APPs for your Navigation bar. You can change colors of your navigation bar and make it blue, make it green or make it of any color you want. However, you can also select the cool image for the background. Make your background color automatically fit the running apps. You can add some data to your battery level. So, whatever you want to select you can select and whatever you select is going to be awesome.

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Navbar APPs 2

One thing I will tell you guys and it’s a good news for you guys also. The Navbar APPs does not require any ROOT Access. So, you can use it with your any of the devices. Also, Huawei devices or the users of the Huawei devices cannot able to use the Navbar APPs due to their EMUI skin. This is bad news as well for Huawei devices.

Navbar APPs 3

In the new update of the Navbar APPs, some features are included like

  1. New battery styles and settings.
  2. Allows you to change the battery bar color and size. Whatever you want to select you can select and i.e., awesome.
  3. Now the German Language has added to the Navbar APPs.
  4. Navbar APKs finally improved color picking. However, it might be amazing.
  5. Allows you to ‘Request Custom images’. So, you can create your own style.
  6. Bring your Navigation bar to life with Music Visualizer of your Android device.
  7. Whether you have a smartphone or a tablet you can run Navbar APPs. So, it can perfectly support the Tablet.

Navbar APPs 4

Download – Navbar Free APPs

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