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{Updated} Inbox by Gmail APP Released

What is Inbox by Gmail App?

Inbox by Gmail is an email service provided by or developed by the Google for free. Inbox by Gmail App announced on October 22, 2014. Made by the same developers who work on the Gmail, Inbox by Gmail App is a completely different. Inbox email is designed to focus on what matters. The Inbox by Gmail app has distinct feature released and updated recently and provided for the users. The bundles, highlights, reminders, assists, and snooze are mainly the key characteristics of the Inbox by Gmail app.

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Inbox By Gmail APP:

Inbox by Gmail APP 1

Inbox by Gmail App scans the user’s incoming Gmail messages or information. Google reveal several unique features of Inbox, containing:


Inbox by Gmail gathers email messages related to the same, overall topic to an organized bundle with a title describing the package’s content. Example, Flight tickets, Car rentals, and Hotel reservations are grouped to “Travel,” giving the user an easier summary of Google email. Users can also manually group emails together to “teach” Inbox how the user works.

Inbox by Gmail APP 4


Inbox highlights key features and relevant information in messages, such as Flight itineraries, Event information, and Photos and Documents. Additionally, Inbox can retrieve updated information from the Internet, including the real-time status of Flights and package deliveries.
Inbox by Gmail APP 3


Inbox allows the user to set reminders to surface important messages at a later time. At times when a user needs particular information, Inbox can assist the user by surfacing the necessary details. For those times when Inbox highlights information not needed at the time. Users can snooze a message or reminder. The app gives many options to make the info reappear at a later date or a particular location.

Google email added an “Undo Send” feature in June 2015, to Inbox by Gmail App, which allows users 10 seconds to undo conveyed message.

Inbox by Gmail APP 2

In November 2015, Google added “Smart Reply” to the mobile application. With Smart Reply, Inbox determines which emails can be answered with a short response, creating three example responses, and enabling users to send one with a single tap. Initially only available on the Android and iOS mobile applications. The smart reply was added to the Inbox website in March 2016, along with Google announcing that “10% of all your responses on mobile already use Smart Reply”.

Google updated Inbox by Gmail app with three new features in April 2016, Google Calendar event organization, newsletter previews, and a “Save to Inbox” functionality that lets users save links for later use rather than having to email links to themselves.

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Inbox by Gmail Review:

Inbox by Gmail review is that the new and updated application helps for those who don’t have time to read all their stuff, the Inbox by Gmail app allows the users to keep their messages or information safe which matters for them. The Gmail inbox all mail helps you to respond to the focus messages quickly, and you may not need an employee who manages your Google email, by the aid of Inbox by Gmail app you can manage your inbox email very efficiently and quickly.

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