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WW2: Strategy Commander v1.2.0 Mod Apk Money

WW2: Strategy Commander

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WW2: Strategy Commander

WW2: Strategy Commander v1.2.0 Mod Apk Money Classic army wargame, with turn-based operation! Play as a WW2 warfare commander, select camp,participate in all of the well-known battles in human historical past campaigns of WW2! Using sorts of techniques, defend invasion, confront the enemy head on, by means of a collection of battle command , lead your military to the ultimate victory!

It’s an ideal fusion of sandbox simulator,turn-based technique,and army techniques gameplay. Omni-directional show of World War II themes. Restore the Real world battle in 1939~1945 and reproduce the surroundings of worldwide conflict for you.
Random occasions like guerrilla actions, touchdown operations, and voluntary recollects will guarantee countless replayability and the individuality of every recreation session.

【Build Military format】
Powerful firepower weapon present:Cavalry,infantry, navy,armored artillery,tank,nukes,plane service,automobiles,submarine, battleship, heavy cruiser,destroyer……and so forth appeared within the WW2.
Gain expertise in each fight. Grow your military or increase R&D utilizing assets from conquered territories. Various of fight models give extra complicated battlefield state of affairs!
Turn-based chess recreation want extra endurance and techniques. You want to rearrange arm inside every flip, offensive or defensive.

【Tactics and collocations】
30+ Historical Campaigns :battle of halfway,battle of stalingrad…
7 Main Battlefield:asia,africa,european…
2 Warfare Conflict Camps :Allies faction(USA, Britain,USSR, China) and Axies faction(Germany, Italy, Japan)
9+ giant battlefiled maps are present in 1st model
Omni-directional fight area: naval battle, air fight, land battle.

【World Generals】
Provide well-known historic head of state everywhere in the world with totally different attributes and particular expertise like Stalin of Communist alliance, and different header like Churchill, de Gaulle… Germany, Italy, and so forth…Hire and take adventege of your generals to get victory.

【Sandbox& Simulator】
The map system is completely redesigned which helps seamless zooming and the territory and borders of every nation is proven clearly. Besides utilizing technique to beat the enemies, you may also buy gadgets in outlets, rent generals and construct armys of your personal.And each military has its personal distinguishing options,grasp them effectively and be invincible.

【Open Ending】
Finish battles then open and discover extra well-known battlefields. Every military can achieve battle expertise and once they turn out to be elite forces, their battle effectiveness shall be drastically improved.World sample modifications over time.Everyone can rewrite historical past and set up a strong armys, making historical past on this wargame!

【To be continued.】:
Country Alliance system, struggle collectively,be ally or enemy.
Non-official module present, free creation by gamers!
Conquer or Achievements,present your intelligence
Add multiplayer mode, double strategic battle
More time collection,extra battle battlefield, to be continued….
Do you’ve gotten curiosity within the historical past of WW2 ?Share this turn-based wargame with your mates of WW2 army followers, play this wargame collectively! Enjoy this techniques sandbox video games and assist you to train technique format capacity!
WW2: Strategy Commander
WW2: Strategy Commander
WW2: Strategy Commander
WW2: Strategy Commander
WW2: Strategy Commander
WW2: Strategy Commander


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