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{New} Will the Xbox 2’s Internal Specs be enough for True 4k Gaming?


Microsoft has been in the news ever since they made the fateful announcement at E3 2016 about their next console. 2016 was a good year in terms of gaming and it has been witness to some of the most massive advances in technology. Making their way into the world of video games. And that trend has been continuing, with Mixed Reality being the next best thing. But one of the fronts where gaming was still lagging behind was in the field of resolution. And that’s something Microsoft wants to address in their upcoming Project Scorpio, popularly termed to be the Xbox 2.

This is because Microsoft claims that their generation of consoles will be the first ever to support native 4K gaming. And while last year’s PS 4 Pro already tried to achieve something similar, in truth, it used something called a checkerboard system. Since to turn normal images into 4K. The result was satisfactory in most cases but still left a lot to be desired. & that’s exactly where Microsoft wants to be the first to cash in.

Powerful Console

According to Microsoft, the Xbox 2 will be the most powerful console to have ever built when it comes out. And though we do not have much to go by in terms of specs. Some of the tidbits that we do know reveal that the Xbox 2 will reportedly come with a staggering 6 teraflops of power (compared to the Xbox One’s 1.31 teraflops). That’s certainly a massive improvement.  And despite several tabs from rival console makers Sony about their claims. This is a very hard time for any tech company to oversell their product. We are optimistic that the company will correct the mistakes they made with the Xbox One. Though it fixes with the Xbox 2.

Internal Specs

We say that also because a good piece of technology seldom depends on only one factor or specification. And in this case, the Xbox 2 is also speculated to pack in a mammoth RAM. At the moment, there are no official figures from the company to go by. But considering the fact that the upcoming console’s creators aiming for it to be the most powerful ever built yet. Perhaps we can see the RAM in the Xbox 2 go up to 32GB or even higher. The reason why we think there will be a significant hike in the RAM specifications is because Microsoft has already stated that the Xbox 2 will have a much higher memory bandwidth, which will result in the elimination of the embedded static RAM (ESRAM) that the Xbox One used.

Moreover, reports confirm that there will not be a great deal of improvement in terms of the number of cores that the Xbox 2’s CPU. That means that we might have the same 8-core CPU that we had seen on the Xbox One. But of course, with much higher clock speeds in order to deliver the kind of power needed to games in native 4K. But the true question remains, will that be enough?

The Final Verdict

Well, according to Sony’s Mark Cerny, the minimum needed specs to achieve a fully 4K enabled console is 8 teraflops, and the Xbox 2 might fall short on that count. And several leaks and reports seem to suggest that Microsoft is using a version of the checkerboard system used by Sony in the PS 4 Pro. But while that may sound disappointing, Microsoft’s technology reportedly a much more advanced version. Thus it will take us closer to 4K gaming than we have ever been.

With all that said, we can be quite sure of the fact that the Xbox 2 will be a massive breakthrough. Though it might not end up being all that promised. More cannot be said about the upcoming console before its creators reveal some additional details. However it officially unveils it, so here’s looking at November 2017.

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